This simple mineral deficiency causes heart attack and strokes

Deficiency of this mineral increases risk heart attack and strokes…are you deficient?

I’m talking about Magnesium.

New never done before research by Dr. Fang just published in the Journal BMC Medicine showed that of  45,781 patients with heart disease, heart failure, stroke and diabetes had lower than normal levels of magnesium.

Low magnesium levels has been implicated in various condition before but Dr. Fang was the first to pool all available research.

The conclusion is quite shocking.

By taking just  100 mgs of magnesium a day you could lower heart failure risk by 22 percent and decrease the risk of stroke by 7%.

Increasing magnesium intake was also associated with a 19 percent reduction in the risk of diabetes and a 10 percent drop in the odds of death from all causes.

It’s unfortunate but I think we know why the drug companies don’t recommend a simple supplement as opposed to a billion dollar drug.

So you might be thinking I’ll just eat more magnesium rich foods.

Foods like grains, nuts, fish and green leafy vegetables.

Problem solved.

Except for the fact that food has dangerously low levels of magnesium.

Magnesium is the most deficient mineral in our diet.

Here’s why.

U.S. magnesium deficiency

Pesticides not only kill pests they also kill the bacteria in the soil.  The bacteria is needed to extract the magnesium from the soil and makes it available to the plant. No bacteria, no magnesium uptake by the plant.

The U.S. government knows this but they don’t want to connect the dots. Neither do the pharmaceutical companies.

Even if you want to test for magnesium deficiency there is another problem.

Your blood test can come back fine but does not show the available amount in your body. So the test is useless to check for sub clinical disease levels.

As strange as it may seem a simple quiz will give you’ll get a better idea if your deficient.

Take the quiz now.

If you answer yes to 3 or more questions you are deficient.

  1. Do you experience fatigue or weakness more than 2 times a week.
  2. do you have muscle cramps?
  3. Do you have numbness or tingling in your hands or feet?
  4. Are you unable to think clearly (Brain Fog)?
  5. do you have Diabetes or Pre Diabetes?
  6. Do you have abnormal heart rhythms or palpitations?
  7. Do you have loss of appetite?
  8. Do you have headaches?
  9. Do you have high blood pressure?

I highly recommend you seek medical care for any of the above conditions but if you check out O.K then you should start on magnesium right away.

If you take the HeartLifePlus formula I’ve got you covered. It has the 100 mgs recommended in the study.

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