Simple Trick Lowers Blood Pressure Better Than Medication…

This one simple trick can lower blood pressure

You can lower blood pressure .......AND it is better than statins drugs in lowering triglycerides.

What is this miracle?


Did you know that Hibiscus tea decreased systolic blood pressure equal to that of commonly prescribed ACE inhibitors.  Systolic blood pressure was reduced 17 mm Hg-impressive to say the least-which is equal to or better than catopril. Without the cost, negative side effects (coughing) and nutrient depletion.

Another study showed a 11% lowering of systolic and a 10.7% decrease in diastolic blood pressure after just 12 days.[2]

Yet another study showed that a powered extract of hibiscus lowered triglycerides and improved blood sugar levels.[3]

And still another study showed hibiscus tea reduced systolic blood pressure from 134 mm Hg to 112 mm Hg in just one month.[4]  That's 22 mm Hg.

You wonder why it's not the first thing you hear your doctor recommend with results like that. (sadly your doctor has probably never even seen or heard about this research)

I recommend anyone with elevated blood pressure to start drinking Hibiscus tea or take powered capsules.

What if you could lower your blood pressure and eliminate the need for piles of drugs and their nasty side effects and feel like your old self.

Then Hibiscus tea is a great natural addition to your health regimen to lower high blood pressure without drugs.

In addition to Hibiscus tea there are 3 proven supplements that lower blood pressure.

  • Vitamin C-at just 500 mg a day there was 5 mmHg reduction in systolic BP.
  • Co Q 10- data from 12 studies (362 participants) revealed an impressive drop of 16.6 mg Hg in systolic pressure, and an 8.2 mm drop in diastolic pressure with CoQ10 doses ranging from 30-360 mg per day (HeartLifePlus has 100 mgs.)
  • Vitamin D-lowers hypertension by the same pathway that ACE inhibitors use (only naturally).

For full artery protection get on the HLP and stop worrying about your next doctor visit.

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From the Heart,                                                        


Dr. Dan Pilgreen

P.S. Blood pressure control vital to heart health.

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