Reduce inflammation, lower heart disease risk and improve immune function…

Researchers found that taking vitamin D had  heart health benefits for people with early stage chronic kidney disease.

Well you say you don’t have kidney disease? Not so fast. One in ten 10 Americans do.  Not only was there cardiovascularkidney disease

benefits it also reduced inflammation and improved immune function.

That’s good news to those of us who want to protect our hearts and to those with kidney disease.

Added benefits of vitamin D supplementation include:

Even if you get sun exposure it is not enough.  You need to supplement because as we age we lose the ability to convert sunlight into vitamin D metabolites.


I recommend 2500 iu’s per day and Dr. Fuhrman agrees with me that the RDA is too low but over this is unwarranted as you do produce some of you own unless you live in a cave in the arctic.


So make sure you supplement with adequate vitamin D to lower inflammation and improve immune function.

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From the Heart,

Dr. Dan Pilgreen

P.S. Vitamin D is needed to prevent osteoarthritis too.

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