Privacy Policy

Email Privacy

Natures Window LLC complies with the CAN-SPAM act.  At times, Natures Window or one of it’s owners, agents, or employees may use the email address you provide to contact you with information you request.  No third party shall ever be given access to your email information.  Your email address will never be sold, rented or given to any third party company or individual.

At the end of every newsletter or special offer email you receive is a link labeled “Unsubscribe.”  If you no longer wish to receive communications from Natures Window or Dr. Dan Pilgreen, you may click the unsubscribe link and remove your name permanently from  any or all of Natures Window and Dr Dan Pilgreen’s contact lists.

Personal Information Privacy

Any personal information you provide through a membership or purchase will be kept private and secure behind an encrypted firewall.  Nature’s Window LLC will only use this information to provide a better user experience for you.  This information will never be shared with a third party company or individual without your permission.

Law Enforcement/Government Compliance

We may not like it, but Nature’s Window LLC will assist any authorized agent of the United States Government or any State or Local Authorities with any investigations if asked and may provide them with personal information with or without a court warrant.