One simple weight loss food

One simple weight loss food

Balsamic Vinegar for Weight Loss

I know that vinegar is touted as the new wonder cure for everything but does it help with weight loss?

Yes and no.

If you use more vinegar than oil it contributes to weight loss as you have less oil and therefore less calories.pouring balsamic vinegar over steamed vegetables salad

Otherwise no.

Here’s where balsamic vinegar comes in.  It is caramelized so it is rich in flavor and thickens up when you add things like mustard or make a sauce.

That lets you use two times the vinegar and half the oil without losing taste.

Here’s my favorite recipe.

I’m a big olive oil fan.   I think in one email I even advocated taking a shot glass everyday for health.

Half the calories and twice the taste.

·         3 tbl balsamic vinegar

·         1 tbl olive oil

·         2 cloves garlic

·         Mustard 1/2 tsp

·         2 to 3 chopped Basil leaves

Mix together and you have a fresh natural low calorie and heart healthy dressing.

One tablespoon of oil is about 120 calories so if you go with the 3 to 1 ratio of balsamic vinegar to olive oil you save about 240 calories on the salad dressing alone.

If you’re going to eat a healthy salad don’t ruin it with a bad dressing.



Dr. Dan


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