If you are taking acid blockers like Omeprazole (Prilosec)

If you are taking acid blockers like Omeprazole (Prilosec) and the even newer and more expensive Nexium, you could be in serious danger.
Danger “Will Robinson”-Reflux Drugs cause anemia and neuropathy!
I loved the show “Lost in Space” from the 60’s. Especially when the simpleminded and devious Dr. Zachary Smith would get the space travelers in a jam and the robot would roll around flapping his mechanical arms saying “Danger Will Robinson, danger Will Robinson.”,to alert the head of the ill fated mission.

There is danger in taking drugs. What seemed to be just another great new treatment for heartburn has a darker side. Newer proton pump inhibitors and H-2 blockers have drawbacks.
We used to just take an antacid for indigestion like Tums and waite

d for the pain to go away. Then they came out with H2 blockers like Tagament and for many this was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

But they have to keep coming out with new drugs as the old ones go off patent and they cannot make the huge profits.
Now with the newer Proton Pump Inhibitors like Omeprazole (Prilosec) and the even newer and more expensive Nexium, there is a problem.
They cause vitamin B-12 deficiency leading to anemia and neuropathy

(nerve pain) when taken over a two year period.
The problem is that the newer proton pump inhibitors halt all acid pro

duction from the stomach. You need stomach acid to extract B-12 from the food you eat. Blocking all acid formation causes B-12 deficiency and there could be many other long term side effects from these newer drugs. I don’t like being a guinea pig and neither do you.

When you have severe heartburn (GERD) they work like a charm; but you should transition back to good old Tums for your long term health. Better yet, to reduce symptoms, lower you acid production. The main reason for excess acid production is too much carbohydrates. Lower your carb consumption and add more salads and vegetables.
Sounds simple and it is. You know how important B-12, folic acid and B-6 are for homocysteine reduction and heart health, so this is not something to

play around with.

Caution for those taking diabetes drugs. Metformin, a very popular prescription medication for type II diabetics’, also causes B-12 deficiency. So if you are taking both of these it is a one two punch and B-12 supplementation is a must.
If that’s not bad enough the FDA cautions that these drugs can cause a bacterial infection that causes severe diarrhea.
Here’s more bad news:

Increased bone fractures
Stops calcium absorption
Reduce iron absorption
Lowered magnesium absorption
Now HeartLifePlus has a much higher dose of B-12 than other supplements. High B-12 is important for those on acid blockers and homocysteine reduction for optimum heart health.

You need an acid environment to absorb B-12. As you age you produce less stomach acid and lose the ability to transform B-12 to its active form in the body. The solution is to load up on B-12 so that over time blood levels rise even with drug depletion and decreased acid production.

It’s the cup with the hole in it analogy in nutritional therapy. If you pour liquid in a cup with holes you keep pouring it in until the holes heal up. You have to load up with the nutrients until your body responds and heals up the holes.Look, as we age we can all use more B-12 as we lose stomach acid production. You just need to supplement nowadays. Click here for a special offer.

From the Heart.

Dr. Dan Pilgreen
P.S. Taking drugs is sometimes necessary but you don’t have to suffer vitamin lose.
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