If you think Fish Oil, CoQ10, Resveratrol, Antioxidants or Multi-Vitamins are protecting you from a massive heart attack – you may be
Dead Wrong
Do NOT make the fatal mistake of
falling into a false sense of security.

Here’s something you MUST know about… it could save your life (and allow you to rest assured you are doing EVERYTHING humanly possible to keep your heart humming along like a well-oiled machine).

Dear Friend,

Are you currently taking Fish Oil, CoQ10, Reseveratrol, Antioxidants or a multi-vitamin under the impression that it is protecting your heart?

If so, then this message could save your life. Because I have something that will change your mind FAST about this kind of “head in the sand” thinking…

… as well as a simple solution that will ensure your doing EVERYTHING in your power to keep your heart pumping smooth and strong for many years to come.

And for a limited time, I’ll give you all of this for free.

Here’s what’s happening: Dr. Dan Pilgreen, here. I’ve been a holistic health specialist for over 30 years. I’ve personally treated tens of thousands of patients. Many of whom were suffering from serious heart problems.

And like every naturally minded doctor, for years I was recommending just the standard Fish Oil, CoQ10, Resveratrol, and Antioxidants…

But it didn’t seem to be really reversing the problem. All these supplements did was give people a false sense of security… so they never saw the heart attack coming.

In fact, millions of Americans are taking Fish Oil or CoQ10… yet heart disease is killing more people than ever.

That fact really hit home in 1996 when my father died of a massive heart attack.

So for the next ten years I picked apart every significant clinical report on heart health. That’s thousands of journal articles and scientific studies.

And what I’ve discovered has the potential to transform millions of lives - including yours.

See, there is an elementary solution to making all these supplements work like they’re supposed to and keep your heart pumping strong for the rest of your life. You just have to…

Rebuild the foundation of your heart

If you don’t have a foundation for lasting heart health you’re wasting your money on any other heart supplement you use.

Look, you can build the most elegant, sophisticated house the world has ever seen… but if you don’t build it on top of a rock solid foundation it WILL come crashing down.

The same is true for your heart. You can take the best Omega 3, the strongest CoQ10, or the most powerful antioxidants… but if your foundation isn’t rock solid, your heart is in constant danger.

So what is the foundation of your heart? It’s everything your heart needs to work efficiently and effectively.

That means your arteries and veins need to be rip-proof and clog free…

Your blood pressure and blood sugar both steady and under control…

And the muscles in your heart energized and ready for anything.

Based on my extensive research, I’ve developed an essential “foundation” formula to repair and reinforce this foundation.

It’s called Heart Life Plus. And you can get a full month’s supply for free if you act today.

Quickly after you begin Heart Life Plus:

  • Your doctor will be blown away by your blood pressure…

  • You’ll get the best blood sugar news you’ve ever heard…

  • And you’ll start building the strongest arteries of your life…

And it goes to work fast. Because when your foundation is strong, you see results very quickly.

Like Kathleen DeCardenas, from Bell, California who after one month with Heart Life Plus wrote me saying,

“You have no idea how Heart Life Plus helps me not only lower my blood pressure [by 50 points], but feel so great! I have such good results that I started my son with Heart Life Plus!”

And Ed Mallon, from Rosemead California. Ed says,

“I have tried just about everything on the market for my health and my heart... They did not work. Once I started taking Heart Life Plus everything was better. I walked up a hill today that I would have never been able to climb before this. Truly amazing.

So how does this formula build such a powerful foundation? Using a simple concept I call

The “rebar” effect.

Rebar is the name of the steel bars that reinforce the concrete in a buildings foundation.

Heart Life Plus is like rebar for your cardiovascular system. It works by supporting four key areas of your cardiovascular health.

By reinforcing each of these four corners, the whole system becomes stronger than sum of its parts.

The first “rebar” support is a healthy blood pressure.

When was the last time your doctor said,

“Wow! Your blood pressure numbers are great.”

Many of my patients using Heart Life Plus hear it every time they’re in the doctor’s office. And that is an important first step.

Because you can’t predict where high blood pressure will damage your cardiovascular system … and you may not know until it’s too late.

Like an overheating steam engine… if enough pressure builds up, it’s going to blow somewhere.

But there are natural and effective ways to reduce the pressure and eliminate the threat.

In 2008, The Journal of Clinical Hypertension published an extensive review demonstrating a fact I discovered long ago.

They found that the simplest way to reign in blood pressure is not with drugs. In many cases, the right combination of vitamins and minerals is all you need.

The first of these minerals is potassium.

The Yanomamo Indians in Brazil are known for having lower than average blood pressure… and no hypertension.

Researchers say that one reason for this unheard of statistic is their large consumption of potassium. It’s in almost all the foods they eat.

But you don’t have to rely on anecdotal evidence from one Brazilian tribe.

At least 23 randomized, controlled trials (at prestigious hospitals and universities) have shown that potassium can lower blood pressure…

If you can get 23 large studies to agree that an all-natural solution may control blood pressure, then it goes in my book as a fact.

But there’s a way to crank up the power even more. All you have to do is combine potassium with two other critical nutrients: magnesium and calcium.

And the effects are dramatically amplified. Why?

Because magnesium and calcium are critical to the absorption of potassium…

So when they’re combined in the same solution your body doesn’t need to scramble to find the loose magnesium and calcium.

It’s readily available and can go to work almost instantly. Which is why Heart Life Plus includes a blend of potassium, magnesium and calcium designed for optimal absorption. So it can go to work as fast and effectively as possible.

And big Universities back me up on this.

In a study published in the American Heart Associate’s journal , Harvard doctors followed 85,764 women for 14 years. They kept detailed notes on their diet and supplements.

One of the findings was significantly better blood pressure among women taking this powerful trio. And because of this, much fewer cases of serious problems associated with higher blood pressure.

But even that isn’t always enough to convince a mainstream doctor. Luckily, Heart Life Plus has another nutrient that is proven to manage stubborn blood pressure problems. In fact, the amino acid L-arginine is

The Blood Pressure Solution Every Doctor Should Start With...

Unless your blood pressure numbers are off the charts, the first thing any medical professional should do is start you on L-arginine.

Why? Because your body takes the L-arginine and starts using it immediately to create nitric oxide.

Every doctor has had organic chemistry in college. That means they know that nitric oxide is a vasodilator… they just don’t bother to tell you.

“Vasodilator” means that Nitric Oxide is able to relax and widen your blood vessels. You know from real world experience that the smaller the tube you have to squeeze a liquid through, the more pressure you need.

Well imagine how well you can control your blood pressure when your blood vessels are relaxed and wide open.

The mineral trio and L-arginine combination in Heart Life Plus worked wonders for Gloria Flores from Carson, California, who says,

“My blood pressure has gone all the way from 200/100 to 140/85… I am so pleased with his supplement and program. The results are fantastic! I can't thank Dr. Pilgreen enough.”

And Forrest Morris from Agoura Hills, who wrote,

My blood pressure has gone from 175/90 all the way down to 139/80. Thanks, this has been fantastic.”

But finally gaining control over your blood pressure is only one bar of reinforcement for your heart’s foundation.

The second “rebar” support is

Free-Flowing, Rip-Proof Arteries and Veins

Your arteries and veins are the infrastructure of your body. It’s easy to let wear and tear start breaking them down… and many people do.

Not taking simple steps to maintain their integrity could lead to major problems.

Your heart could be pumping strong and smoothly…

But if your arteries and veins are cracked or clogged, your heart is going to get overworked and exhausted fast.

But when they’re strong and free-flowing your heart can conserve energy and ease stress throughout your body.

Heart Life Plus has you covered there, too.

A 1996 study published in the Journal of Applied Nutrition showed that the right combination of vitamins and amino acids could act like

The fountain of youth for your arteries and veins

When viewed under a high speed CT scan, doctors found they had slowed the hardening of the arteries by as much as 65%. And the worse shape the patients’ arteries were in, the faster this combination worked.

Why does this work so well?

It’s simple… and rarely talked about in medical circles (where Statins and surgery are the only treatment they’ll consider).

You see, there is simple explanation for why plaque build-ups occur.

When a vein or arteries cracks, cholesterol rushes to the area to “patch” the damage. It’s your body’s way of protecting its infrastructure. But it’s supposed to be a temporary solution. The longer it takes to repair the crack for good, the more cholesterol and plaque can get stuck on the patch…

And the more of the vessel gets blocked.

The mainstream medical solution is to chemically block the production of the cholesterol that is patching up the cracks.

That’s a bad idea. In fact, surveys of European countries have shown that the higher the average cholesterol level, the longer the life expectancy. So what do you do instead?

The real solution to stopping these plaque build-ups is to

Prevent and repair cracks!

The walls of your arteries rely on collagen to remain strong, smooth and flexible. Vitamin C is responsible for as much as 80 percent of new collagen formed in your body.

That’s a fact. We know because Vitamin C is one of the most researched and well-documented vitamins in the history of modern medicine…

And yet the medical establishment doesn’t tell you anything about it. In fact, even doctors that acknowledge Vitamin C is important don’t tell you there are different forms.

According to research by the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University , the human body absorbs these variations of Vitamin C in different ways. In my own research I found that when four are taken in combination it increases the absorption and transport rates.

By combining four unique forms, Heart Life Plus ensures that your body always has enough Vitamin C to build fresh collagen… and still have enough left over to repair any damaged areas.

But there’s more.

Lysine and Proline are the two amino acids that collagen uses to restore and reinforce itself. They’re able to crosslink and help the collagen form a “reinforcing net.” This allows your vessels to become more flexible and more resistant to tearing.

But Lysine and Proline have another important job. They form a Teflon-like coat over any existing plaque build-ups. This means that the plaque build-ups don’t clog the vessel any further while the collagen below is being repaired.

And as that collagen is repaired, the Lysine and Proline combination help

Dissolve arterial plaque and filter it out of your body.

Imagine if an army of road workers suddenly showed up to fix every pothole and crack in your town…

And at the same time opened up closed roads and eliminated traffic jams…

That’s what Vitamin C, Lysine and Proline could do for your arteries when they’re blended together in just the right formula.

It’s one less stressor on your heart… and one more rebar of support helping to build a shockproof foundation for your heart.

But there’s another threat to your heart that is often ignored until it starts causing serious damage.

For a perfect heart health, you need to…

Eliminate dangerous blood sugar spikes.

High blood sugar can cause devastating damage to blood vessels… especially the smaller blood vessels.

In Diabetics, this can mean damage to the small blood vessels in the eyes and the feet. It can also make it hard for the body to heal cuts and bruises.

But did you know that even a 5% elevation blood sugar (that’s not enough to be considered diabetic) over a long enough period of time could dramatically increase your risk for heart problems?

If you’re not diabetic, you probably don’t pay much attention to your blood sugar levels. And I don’t blame you. Most doctors won’t warn you about this risk.

But if you want a truly solid foundation for your heart, we have to manage your blood sugar.

Two powerful combinations to help keep your blood sugar under control at all times.

According to OSU researchers, Chromium on its own is known to increase the effects of insulin in the body. That means your body is better able to maintain low blood sugar levels.

But in 2001, Georgetown University Medical Center researchers showed that a combination of Chromium with Grape Seed Extract helped significantly lower blood sugar and blood pressure in Rats.

And in 2002, a paper published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences declared that a chromium and grape seed extract combination should be recommended by doctors because of the "almost non-existent risk and enormous potential benefit."

In 2007, the next combination was shown effective in a large human clinical trial by doctors at Tufts – New England Medical Center in Boston.

For three years they followed 314 adults taking a combination of calcium and vitamin D3 daily or a placebo.

At the end of the trial, the people taking this powerful combination had much better control over their blood sugar and were significantly less insulin resistance than those on the placebo.

Now the author of this study was careful to point out these were "preliminary" results. (Which isn’t surprising since the study was published in the American Diabetes Association’s Journal, Diabetes Care… which has close connections to the pharmaceutical industry.)

But with these two combinations in a single formula,

Heart Life Plus users are seeing results today.

Like Debra Lovelance of Palm Beach, Florida, who says,

“I love the product….Heart Life Plus always normalizes my husband’s sugar levels. And when he runs out it always goes up 10 to 15 points until he gets back on.”

And Jeanette Bond of Los Angeles, California, who told me,

“I feel like a kid again. I have more energy and… my blood sugar has dropped from 134 to 101.”

And Jose Pelayos from Los Angeles who says,

My blood sugar has returned to normal for the first time in six months after starting the program.”

With Heart Life Plus, you’ll be taking aggressive action to keep your blood sugar under control.

And along with steady blood pressure and free flowing arteries, you could feel like a totally new person…

In as little as 2 weeks you could have:

  • An improved mood (a side effect of controlled blood sugar).

  • Lower stress levels (from an improvement in your blood pressure).

  • And renewed confidence that your heart is built to last.

But there’s another reinforcement to add to your foundation. And this is often the reason that my patients feel the effects of Heart Life Plus so soon after starting.

Pump your heart full of fresh energy and flush out toxins

What does your heart need – more than anything else – to keep operating smoothly and steadily?

It needs a constant supply of fresh and available energy.

And that’s why Heart Life Plus has a generous portion of L-carnitine.

Carnitine is the amino acid derivative that helps your body convert stored fat into ATP energy.

ATP is the type of energy that your body uses when it needs a burst of energy fast.

For example, if you have to jump out of the way of an oncoming car…

Your muscles use ATP as the quickest source of “energy on call.” That includes your heart, which needs to respond quickly by pumping a burst of extra blood to your muscles.

If you don’t have any ATP energy “on call” - energy that is there when you need it – your heart could suffer a major shock. Your body needs to start converting stored fat or sugar into energy and that takes time.

That may be time you don’t have…

Carnitine is also responsible for flushing toxic byproducts out of your cells. You see, when your body uses the ATP energy, like any type of fuel, there is a toxic byproduct left behind.

The carnitine goes into the cells and removes the toxins to be filtered out of the body.

If these toxins were allowed to stay, they would cripple the cell, and further deplete your energy… so having a sufficient supply of carnitine in your body not only helps create when-ever-you-need-it bursts of energy for your heart…

It also improves the lifespan and efficiency of your most important cells.

Which is why it’s the fourth corner of your heart’s foundation.

Now you’ve seen how Heart Life Plus could help you…

  • See healthier blood pressure numbers

  • Build flexible and free flowing arteries and veins

  • Control your blood sugar

  • And reenergize your heart (while flushing out toxins)

But there’s still more to this one of a kind formula.

You see, I designed Heart Life Plus for myself after 10 years of research… And I use it every single day.

So in addition to these four critical reinforcements to the foundation for heart health, I included a few extra benefits. Actually, I included everything I could that would build up and reinforce my heart.

The “plus” in Heart Life Plus includes:

  • Trace Minerals like zinc, copper, molybdenum and biotin. These essential minerals have been stripped out of most foods today thanks to mineral depletion in the soil and food processing. Most people haven’t even heard of all of them… but they’re essential for balancing your nutrition and properly absorbing the rest of the nutrients.

  • Niacin. One of the most dangerous predictors of heart problems is an elevated LP(a) level. And the only way to maintain low LP(a) levels is with vitamin B3… or Niacin.

  • Vitamins A and E. The benefits of these primary antioxidants are hard to overstate. Vitamin A is needed by the retina for healthy vision. And Vitamin E helps prevent blood clots and plaque build-up by keeping your blood cells smooth (sticky cells get bunch together and form dangerous blood clots).

  • Plus a total of 31 vitamins, nutrients and minerals blended for perfect synergy. With each supporting the others, I believe this is the most comprehensive heart support available today. These combinations have been shown to lower CRP. Bring homocysteine levels back under control. Manage blood pressure and much, much more.

And as an extra bonus, when you order Heart Life Plus, you

Get your CoQ10 for FREE. Put up to $359.40 back in your pocket each year

Once you have a shockproof foundation for your heart, CoQ10 becomes the essential next step.

You’ve probably heard all the benefits of CoQ10…

  • It recycles the antioxidants in your body…

  • Supports critical brain function

  • Cranks up the energy capacity of your heart…

  • And reduces oxidative stress throughout your body…

But has yours lived up to it’s full potential? Probably not. Even if you felt the effects at first, you probably don’t realize how much CoQ10 can help you with your heart’s foundation in place.

That’s why I blended it into the Heart Life Plus formula.

I truly believe in the power of CoQ10… And though I included a full dose, I did something that no one else does.

You see, there is no form of CoQ10 that’s as beneficial to your health as the CoQ10 your body makes itself.

And scientists have finally identified the exact process that this essential Co-enzyme is made by the body. This process requires Riboflavin, Niacin, vitamins B-5, B-6, B-12, vitamin C and multiple trace minerals.

All of these are staples of my foundational formula. So not only am I including your CoQ10 for free, but Heart Life Plus is actually helping your body manufacture more of it’s own CoQ10…

Now most companies would sell this formula as a separate product - needing separate bottles, labels, manufacturing and storage…

But to save you money (and make sure your heart is getting all the power it needs) I just blended it into Heart Life Plus without all those extra expenses.

So instead of charging you as much as $29.95 a bottle… it’s like you’re getting it for FREE in Heart Life Plus!

That puts $359.40 a year you were already spending, right back in your pocket!

I know that times are tough, financially. And it’s important that you spend every penny wisely.

You could be wasting your money on every heart supplement you’re taking!

Even if they’re top quality supplements from the best doctors in the world… your body may not have the foundation to support their benefits!

As you’ve seen, all you need to build that foundation is three small tablets a day of Heart Life Plus.

Here’s how it works.

In just a minute you can enter your information and I’ll send you your FREE bottle of Heart Life Plus.

If it lives up to your expectations and you

  • Feel your heart become reinvigorated and energetic.

  • See the blood pressure numbers you always wanted.

  • Gain powerful control over your blood sugar.

  • And keep the hidden risk-factors at bay.

Then in 30 days we’ll automatically ship you a 3 months supply for only $39.95 a bottle so you always feel that good.

And if for any reason at all you don’t want to keeping receiving this foundation building supplement, just let us know in the first 30 days and you won’t be charged a dime.

Plus, if you pay a nominal $6.95 account setup fee today, I’ll guarantee you

FREE Shipping For Life

After your account is set up and I know your address and preferences, I’ll never charge you a penny for shipping.

That’s a SAVINGS of $47.80 a year.

It’s how I like to be treated so it’s how I’ll treat you.

And there is never any risk to you.

Even after the FREE bottle, you’re always protected by my 100% money back guarantee.

You can call the toll free phone number (printed on every bottle of Heart Life Plus) anytime to get a hassle free full refund.

Or you can call to check on the status of your order, or to change your payment information – Or just to let us know how Heart Life Plus is changing your life.

Almost all the calls we get are for orders or just to leave a rave review… so we love getting your calls.

Like Mary Drake of Huston, Texas who told us,

This is for my husband who had a heart attack five years ago and has been taking HLP on the advice of his medical doctor who said that the drugs were not the best thing and recommended the HLP formula. He takes it and feels great.

Or Ralph Marsh of California who told us,

I was recently in the hospital due to a car accident and my wife smuggled the pills to me as they don’t give you anything in the hospital."

I know you’ll be a fan well before you reach the end of your first bottle.

But you have to act quickly.

You see, a few years ago I was interviewed on the radio about Heart Life Plus

And many of my customers called in to thank me on the air.

But it seems like all of LA heard the call because I quickly sold out… and some of my best customers weren’t able to get their supply the next month.

My customers are very important to me and I have to take care of them first.

So I have to strictly limit the number of new customers I can take each month to 800. This allows me to make sure I always have enough for people who have been with me, in some cases, for as long as 8 years.

It’s only fair that I reward their loyalty by giving them first dibs.

But the good news is, if you’re seeing this message I still have spots available for new customers right now.

I would love to begin our relationship by sending you a free bottle of Heart Life Plus to get you started.

Here’s what you’re getting today:

  • One free bottle of my best selling foundational formula, Heart Life Plus.

  • Free supply of CoQ10, synergistically blended in the formula for maximum effectiveness.


And all you have to do now is pay a nominal $6.95 account set up fee. On the next page you’ll set up your account.

So please click the “proceed to setup” button right now and tell me where I can send your free bottle.

To your health,

Dr. Dan Pilgreen

P.S. I’m constantly digging through the latest research to see if there’s anyway to improve the formula in Heart Life Plus. But if you order today, you lock in your price for life. Even when I upgrade the formula and raise the price for new customers, you’ll keep the same low price you start with today.

Get started with your free bottle today. Click the button and set up your account.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This product has not been approved by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease.