Genetics and Heart Disease Hoax

Modern science has shown that there is no link to genetics and heart disease. That’s right. No link! So if you’re waiting for gene therapy to fix your heart disease it could be a long wait.

For 50 years science has had it all wrong. The only way for a gene to be expressed is by a protein acting on the gene.
It is what you put into you

If genetics were the determining factor all twins would have the same type of cancer or heart disease or diabetes or any other condition. That is just not the case. It is what you eat and what toxins you have been exposed to that determine what genes are expressed.

That is shocking news to most of us who thought that genes determine what will happen to us. With proper nutrition you can actually change the expression of genes and change your health.

Environmental signal –> Regulatory Protein–> DNA–> RNA—-> Protein

As you can see from this line diagram above that environmental signals whether pesticides, hormone disruptors, calcium, vitamins or anything else work by acting on the regulatory protein causing the gene (RNA) and (DNA) to be expressed and create another protein that does all the work. Nothing is made or done in the body without a protein to initiate action. The environment is the determining factor.The protein can be an enzyme, hormone, respiratory gases, elimination, digestion or any other function in the body.

Now that was pretty heavy. But I think worth it. You now know that you really are what you eat and how important nutrition is to the body no matter what the media or government says.

The food supply is devoid of vitamins and minerals due to depleted soils and GMO foods. There are thousands of toxic chemicals that we are exposed to everyday. So the solution is to stay away from chemicals and pesticides and buy non-GMO or organic food and take a hefty supply of vitamins and minerals.

From the Heart

Dr. Dan Pilgreen

P.S. You now know that you can actually change your DNA by the nutrients you take.

P.P.S. You can change your chance of disease just by fueling your body with the correct ratio of vitamins and minerals.

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