Does cooking with vegetable oils reduce the risk of heart disease?

Does cooking with vegetable oils reduce the risk of heart disease?

Most of us have cooking oilbeen brainwashed into thinking that vegetable oils are superior and that good old butter is the devil.

Not so fast.

Researchers recently found that while cholesterol was reduced by vegetable oils there was no reduction in survival rates.

Dr. Christopher Ramsden a researcher at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill said “… participants who had greater reductions in cholesterol had higher risk of death,”

That seems contrary to what we have been feed by the media for the last 30 years.

Yes, there is cholesterol reduction but no heart disease risk reduction and no added years to your life.

Well I think we all just have to start French cooking classes.  The butter, lard and cream seem to be better than these synthetic Franken oils we’ve been lead to believe are superior.

Most research showing that vegetable oil leads to lower heart disease risk were not double blinded controlled studies. Ramsden’s team decided to use a double blinded controlled study the “Gold” standard.

They  switched vegetables oils for saturated fat in over 9,000 people found the lower cholesterol from swapping saturated fats for vegetable oils didn’t lead to improved survival.

The more you reduced your cholesterol it raised risk not lowered it.

When they reversed the study and switched from saturated to vegetable oil there was a 14% drop in cholesterol but no reduction in atherosclerosis. (April 12th British Medical Journal)

The vegetable oil diet did not reduce risk of atherosclerosis.

Another lipid expert Dr. Lennert Veerman, a public health researcher at the University of Queensland in Australia said that  vegetable oil, “..may or may not be better for blood vessels compared to saturated fat, but there is no evidence that it does harm and there is no need to stop using it,” Veerman added.

I have a reason. Taste.

If you pick up a bottle of corn, soy or canola oil from your pantry and it has any odor or stale smell toss it out.   It’s rancid.  Gets some butter to cook. It’s not only better for you your food will taste great.

As far as overall heart and vascular health you need 43 essential nutrients to replace cells, repair DNA and prevent chronic disease.

If you’re not supplementing with these essential nutrients it’s just plain madness.  Forget about the oil wars.  Much more important are the nutrients that feed the cells to prevent aging and chronic degeneration.


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