Can a cup of Starbucks coffee really save your life?

A new study shows that regular coffee drinking can cut your prostate cancer risk by 20% and the most aggressive and lethal kind by 29%.

According to the American Cancer Society, there were 217,730 new cases of prostate cancer diagnosed in 2010 and 32,000 deaths.[1]

Anything that can lower your prostate cancer risk is good new in my book. Add in the fact that that it’s an American staple and the fact that you probably already drink it everyday, and that old cup of Joe is looking even better.

Now, is coffee good for us? Of course it is. There are pros and cons to everything you put inside your body, but anything that makes you have a bowel movement in the morning (getting toxins out) is a good idea. The less toxins in the body, the lower your cancer risk.

There is an abundant lack of common sense in this world… especially about medical advice.

Horse sense, so uncommon today, tells us that if coffee were bad for us, we would know by now. Billions and billions of cups over 200 years and no study showing great bodily harm. If there were a danger, don’t you think it would have popped it’s head up by now?

With coffee all the rage right now, (What’s your favorite brew from Starbucks?) new research is showing greater benefit than we originally thought.

Researchers found that those who drank more, up to six cups a day, had a 20% lower risk of prostate cancer and the more deadly form of it was lowered by 60%. This from the Harvard School of Public health no less.

But don’t think you have to swill down six cups a day to reap any benefits. The lethal form of prostate cancer was also reduced by 29% for those who only drank one to three cups a day. You can find more information published online in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.[2]

And caffeine has nothing to do with it because drinking decaf showed the same results. So, if you want to have a cup later in the day and not be up all night, switching to decaf is still just as beneficial.

But there’s more…coffee can lower your risk of Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes, gallstones, and liver cancer. Who would have known?

Scientist believe that smoking and obesity are greater risk factors, but there was a visible benefit from drinking coffee as well. Researchers think inflammation is the key. There are a ton of antioxidants in coffee which prevent inflammation.

So reduce inflammation, drink coffee, lose weight and stop smoking.

I couldn’t agree more.

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From the Heart,

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