Are you starving your brain?

Are you starving your Brain?

One food actually turns your brain cells into zombies that cannibalize other brain cells once the reaction gets started.

What Frankenfood could start this disaster?

Vegetable oils. 

If you eat vegetable oils and who isn’t, you are starving your brain cells.

When you eat vegetable oils you damage brain cells by oxidizing the fat membranes.

No matter what it says on the label all processed oil contain trans fats and the more dangerous Mega trans fats.  These trans fats cause oxidation damage to the endothelial cells that line blood vessels.  This damage to the artery lining starts the process of atherosclerosis.

NOT good.

Vegetable oils not only damage the cells they rob the body of antioxidants that protect against the very oxidation that vegetable oils cause. they even enlist other brain cell to start damaging other cells like crazed zombies.

Don’t be fooled that canola, corn or soy oil (the most common oil in foods) are good for you.

These oils kill brain cells and the sooner you replace them with olive oil, peanut oil or coconut oil the better you will be.

One experiment done on mice showed that those who were given vegetable oil grew lesions in their stomachs while the olive oil group was fine.

Surprisingly when the vegetable oil group was given vitamin c it reduced the size and number of lesions.[1]

If you eat vegetable oils and almost every processed food like  cookies, crackers, chips and almost every baked good including bread has tons of vegetable oils,[2] you are killing your brain cells.

Now everyone slips now and then and life wouldn’t be worth living without a little devilish delights.

But there is a way to protect yourself against damage.

As mentioned above vitamin C is great.

For maximum protection you need to take vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A and selenium.  And while you’re at it add pycnogenol and grape seed extract because they recycle vitamin C and E ten to forty times, increasing benefit.

Feed your brain, don’t starve your brain.

Human brain research and memory loss as symbol of alzheimer's concept with missing pieces of the puzzle

And do not use vegetable oils period.

Replace them with olive, peanut and coconut oil.

Get on a good multi with antioxidants and added pycnogenol and grape seed extract. [3],[4]




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