Alzheimers halted with these simple steps….New UCLA research shows


disease is increasing at a rapid rate with no end in sight. One in nine Americans will get the condition.

It is truly a tragic disease where you lose the ability to function and recognize your family and friends.

Well there is some goodAlzheimer's fact news.

A study at UCLA Medical school reversed memory loss in a group of pre Alzheimer’s and some with Alzheimer’s confirmed with brain scans with a simple holistic approach.

After six months many were able to return to work and at two and a half years follow up the benefits remained.

The one drawback was there was no change in the patients with advanced Alzheimer’s.

The old adage applies, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

While this is one of the most devastating disease of modern man there is hope.

This simple protocol is totally drug free:

  1. Reduce simple carbohydrates. (bread, pasta, cookies, cakes, etc.)
  2. Take melatonin.
  3. Take B-12 and vitamin D supplements.
  4. Yoga and meditation.
  5. Increase fish intake and take a fish oil supplement.

This is really encouraging but it means you have to start now to prevent future problems.

I recommend a low carb high protein diet to all my patients.

Here’s the most effective dietary changes you can make to improve your health.

  • eat fish once a week
  • eat vegetarian once a week
  • fast one day a week

Those three things will have a marked impact on everything from Alzheimer’s to cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

Don’t forget to take B-12, vitamin D and all the other 39 essential nutrients needed for optimum health.


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From the Heart,

Dr. Dan Pilgreen

P.S. Simply take B-12, vitamin D and melatonin and add fish to your diet to thwart Alzheimer’s dx.

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