• One simple weight loss food
  • Researchers recommend vegetables oils high in omega -6?
  • This simple mineral deficiency causes heart attack and strokes
  • Are you starving your brain?
    Don't starve your brain! 
  • Vitamin B-3 fights skin cancer
     Prevent skin cancer with this.... https://drdanpilgreen.com/vitamin-b-3-fights-skin-cancer/
  • Predict heart attack within 5 years with new test
  • Are statins dangerous?

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Researchers recommend vegetables oils high in omega -6?


Red Alerts - Medical Scams, Frauds, And Misleading Statements

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brain hemorrhage

Common pain killers can lead to brain hemorrhage when………..


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Drug recall and the hidden hypocrisy

The hypocrisy of the government and big pharma is overwhelming. Dr. Dan talks about how the pharma industry gets away with a cold medicine recall, while vitamin companies are under close scrutiny. Continue reading

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pouring balsamic vinegar over steamed vegetables salad

One simple weight loss food